About Us

Like you, we're huge Wikipedia fans! In fact, who isn't? Wikipedia is the greatest curator of human knowledge, allowing people all around the world to freely access 35 million articles in 288 languages.
The only problem? Wikipedia was built 17 years ago - and hasn't changed much since then.

In the past decade, web and mobile applications have made huge leaps forward in terms of functionality and user experience - we want to bring those same benefits to your Wikipedia experience. That's why we've created Wikihmong.

Wikihmong is a modern reader for web and mobile, that optimizes Wikipedia's amazing content for a significantly improved reading experience. Fortunately, all articles on Wikipedia are released under a free license, which allows us to fetch Wikipedia articles and optimize them for maximum readability and enjoyment.

At Wikihmong, we're all about providing you with a modern interface to the world's knowledge.