Your People Shall Be My People | My people, People, Books

your #people shall be my people ruth 1 16 wood sign bible etsy bible
pin on bible
ruth 1 16 17 where you go i will go and where you stay i will stay
i shall sing you the song of my #people meme
#leviticus 26 12 and i will walk among you and will be your god and
#ezekiel 36 28 and you shall dwell in the land that i gave to your
and you shall know that i am the lord when i open your #graves and
#people come and go in your life people come and go in your life but
#inspiration god wants to walk among you and be your god and i will
life is short spend it with #people who make you laugh and feel loved
jesus loves us all mark 5 23 24 what jesus did
psalm 145 21 my mouth shall speak the #praise of the lord and let all
do y all know where the #phrase eat the rich comes from or do you just
where do you keep track of books you ve read and your tbr list i have