Engine house

An engine house is a building or other structure that holds one or more engines. It is often practical to bring engines together for common maintenance, as when train locomotives are brought together.

Types of engine houses include:

  • motive power depots (MPD), where locomotives are stored and maintained
  • Buildings that housed a steam engine on a mine. Many of these have survived in Cornwall, England, for example at Crown Mines
  • Buildings that housed a pumping engine for an atmospheric railway
  • House-built engines, where the engine is the house. A house-built engine is a large beam engine where the engine house itself forms the frame of the engine.
  • Fire stations, which hold fire engine trucks, are often termed engine houses, perhaps especially in United States.


Notable examples, not including fire stations, include:

in Australia
  • Numerous historic sites listed on the Victoria Heritage Register[1]
in England
in the United States

Non-fire station ones in the U.S. include:

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